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All about just where the ONA information came from.

ONA is, at least partly, a compilation of metaphysical and physical information that Humankind has been gathering for thousands of years. Some other aspects of the information we now call ONA began to come into this system in concentrated form about fifty years ago. Now, a statement like that will lead some people to assume that ONA has come from channeled sources, like so much of the information made available in this New Age. ONA's Spiritual Technology is not channeled material. To understand the difference, we'll take a moment to see what channeling is.


Channeling is a phenomenon in which a person, called the medium, puts aside his or her ego temporarily, allowing his or her body and voice to be used by some other, disembodied, entity. Although conventional science is still trying to figure out how to classify this phenomenon, it has been well-documented and much is known about how to practice it, even if scientists studying the paranormal don't yet understand quite how it works. (ONA does; it involves the sixth and seventh fields and will be explained in chapters describing those fields.) In the experience of the medium, he or she loses consciousness during the procedure, even though his or her body is fully animated and able to speak to and respond with others. Instruments show the medium's vital signs, and even brainwaves, alter during the trance, to return to normal afterwards.

The information passed on by the medium varies in reliability, which is why trance channeling has gotten a murky reputation. But this makes sense and even validates the phenomenon; after all, information passed on from a disembodied entity is not likely to be any more free of bias or misunderstanding than is information from any of the rest of us. Dead he may be, but former President Richard Nixon undoubtedly still believes he was not a crook.

Muse guiding a musician

All that said, let's realize that not all information coming from non-tangible sources is channeled information. Here's a common example: the muse. This is the phenomenon in which an artist is struck by inspiration while in reverie. The artist never loses consciousness, but suddenly an image of the completed work of art—sculpture, music, poetry—blossoms within the artist's mind, accompanied by excitement and enthusiasm for the new masterpiece.

As we'll learn in the following chapters, each of us is surrounded by fields of subtle energies; and each of these fields manifests itself in particular ways. There are at least three fields in which universal information can be obtained and led into consciousness.

The information gathered in this way is truly universal, in that it is unbiased and uncolored by personality. That doesn't mean that the person translating this information won't bias or color it; but, with training and practice, the information can be brought forth in clearer and more complete ways.

Please understand the profound significance of this: We all possess these fields, and therefore we all have direct access to Universal Wisdom! We do not need priests, oracles, mediums, or anyone else to tell us what our reality is, or where our destinies lie. We do not need any shamans, wizards, gurus, or dead Aunt Marthas to tell us how to reach those destinies, either. All those answers lie within us, and no one can tell you better than you, what those answers are.

The Spiritual Technology of ONA teaches how to find those answers for ourselves, using the Universal Wisdom available to everyone.

Because the information is universally available, ONA doesn't have a patent on it. That's what we mean when we say that, in Wholeness, all religions, philosophies, and beliefs are valid in themselves. Whenever anyone experiences an intuitive flash, a knowing, that information is valid for that person at that time. And, often, the usefulness of that information extends beyond that one person or time. So, the various technologies gathered by ONA come from many sources but are, ultimately, all from one Source: The Universe Itself.

Where practical, in these pages, we'll point out the origins of some of these technologies. That way, if that technology interests or appeals to you, you can read other literature on it. In other cases, the information has so recently been brought into our reality that there is not yet any system of study that devotes itself to that one technology. When you leave this web site, this is the information that you may leave thinking is ONA. But, remember, the source for all knowledge is Universal Wisdom. ONA's most valuable contribution is the integration of it all.