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The 'sound' of Foundation and how to use it.

The Power of Sound

Ancient documents, such as those of the Sumerians, but also others found all over the world, claim the people of times past knew how to lift heavy rocks, even reshape the world, with no more than a specific sound designed to do the task.

The Bible repeats this theme: "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was made flesh…"

In developing the ONA materials, we discovered there are sounds associated with each System, that embody and manifest the energies of that System. These sounds can be used during meditation, breathing, and healing to increase the effectiveness of these practices.

However, there is a downside. The sounds have turned out to be so powerful, that we realized we could not just toss them out into an unsuspecting public.

Here's an example. If a person uses the sound of Foundation, even without conscious awareness, it can bring up unresolved Foundation issues, causing them to become active where formerly they were suppressed. Since active Foundation issues are usually expressed as physical ailments, a disease might be brought into manifestation. That's why Workshop One includes a section on Reflexology; that technique provides an early-warning system of developing physical problems, and the student can often resolve the emerging issue by simply massaging the sensitive points. But a person who had not taken the Workshop would not know to do this. And that's just one example. All the techniques described here are used to work with issues the sound of Foundation may bring up.

Sound has the ability to synchronize energy, especially the sound of the First System. Center yourself with the Twelve Systems Breathing Technique. Be aware of any conflicting thoughts, feelings or sensations; address and clear them. Create for yourself a place of neutrality where you can view everything as what is, is!

ONA teaches and supports consciousness in all you do. The Sound of Foundation can trigger dynamic changes in one's life—whether he or she has had this Workshop or not! Because it would not be supportive to trigger such changes in the life of a person who had not consciously agreed to experience them, we ask that you not share this Sound with people who haven't had this Workshop. After all, they wouldn't be conscious of the possible effects, and would not have received the techniques for dealing with them..

Do share other information you learn here.

The Sound of Foundation


This individualized source of spirit is a balanced, gentle, spiritual warrior of dance. It establishes the law which governs basic movements and connection. The movements are made in the present, each with like proportions of pervasive and penetrating connections of several dimensions.

On the physical plane this is done through small appendages (like feet and toes) and in the other fields it is done with distinct details that work together and create support. Each step allows a passageway to and a connection with a greater dimension and awareness of Self.

Being able to be connected to several dimensions creates a depth of awareness, an initiation, a passage of birth and a synchronization. This is a way Spirit connects with Earth to form a Foundation.

Establishing The Law Individualized Source of Spirit
Gentle, present, pervasive and penetrating Passage of birth, initiation, opening to Self
Refined form Connected on both sides or dimensions, which is a synchronization
Expression with attention on Self Spirit connects with Earth to form a Foundation
Basic movements of like or same proportions
Spiritual Warrior of Dance

The sound SIM-KA calls you to remember that you are an individualized Source of Spirit in a refined form that connects your being-ness with the Earth to form a foundation in which you may express yourself.

This foundation will support you, nurture you, ground you and bring you more into focus as you step into new areas of self-expression.

Chant SIM-KA 12 times with the Twelve Systems Breathing Technique. Note your experience.

Use SIM-KA when you need to calm down, get grounded, get in touch with yourself, and/or be nurtured. Apply the sound to unclear issues. Chant SIM-KA when beginning new projects and when you need a clearer focus. Chant SIM-KA while walking, jogging or running on the Earth.

Many people find that keeping a journal of experiences, insights and expansions helps maintain awareness of how they are evolving. If you choose to do this, it could become a record of your tendencies, patterns and viewpoints. This information is valuable in learning to know yourself. Keep a neutral point of view. This will help maintain conscious awareness of your choices.

SIM-KA In Our World

The Sumerian words SIM and KA have already been introduced to our world.

In addition to their first appearance as part of the Sumerian language, they made their way into other, ancient tongues. The word KA, for example, is also the ancient Egyptian word for "soul". It was introduced in the film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and other Star Trek films and TV shows since, as the Vulcan word for soul! Were the producers aware of the Egyptian or Sumerian connection? Possibly. But it's just as likely that the writer of that script was simply listening to his inner knowing, and unconsciously tapped the collective memory for the true sound of that concept.

Latka, Simka and Alex

SIM is also in modern use. As an abbreviation for "simulation", it contributed to the name of a popular computer game, SIM City. What exemplifies "basic movements of like or same proportions" more than a computer executing a program?

Together, "Simka" was the name given to Latka's wife on the 1970s sitcom Taxi. Again, when the writers needed to make up a foreign-sounding name for a very earthy character, the Sound of Foundation rose to the surface of the collective unconscious—and perhaps helped the brilliantly manic actress Carol Kane to ground her character.


It's particularly important that you practice saying this Sound…but not so that others can hear. And remember, it can bring up issues of Foundation which often manifest as health problems; so be sure and perform Reflexology on your feet for a few minutes every day to catch any manifesting issues and resolve them before they become serious.