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All about the color of Acknowledgement (infrared, or bronze/tan if that's easier for you to picture).

The Color of Acknowledgement

The color of the Second System is infrared; but, as people cannot directly perceive this color, use a bronze or tan color as substitute. These can represent Earth colors, lighter flesh tones, neutrality, and movement, as in shifting sands and flexibility with other colors.

In the early stages of Humankind's evolution, one era of development was the Bronze Age. Bronze, as a metal, is an alloy that intimately unites two different metals, tin and copper. Due to its hardness and musical resonance, bronze was used to create vessels for rituals, food containers, bells and weapons. People developed the ability to smelt and to cast molds using bronze. Bronze as a metal, an age and as a color reminds us of Humankind's age of development and his continuing potential for expansion.

Tan as a color is considered by some to be a mental life color. It promotes the tendency to focus upon details and to be cautious in our thinking.