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How to perform the ONA technique to release yourself from karmic vows.

Releasing Old Vows

Karmic vows

When you were a child, did you and friends ever make solemn vows to (for example) never like girls, or boys, or to be friends forever, or to always be true to the team? Would it surprise you to know that your Second Field takes such vows seriously?

In a past life, if you took a vow of poverty or obedience to (say) a religious order, that might block you from HAVING things or authority now!

Another example: Suppose, in a past lifetime, you were so wealthy that you presented a target to kidnappers. (Although it still happens occasionally, in some past cultures kidnapping for ransom was a common occurrence.) Suppose your family, in order to keep control of the money for themselves, decided not to pay the ransom and you were killed. Can you imagine vowing, as you died, to never again own so much as to attract attention? Or even vowing never to have money, again?

Of course, these vows no longer serve you. But the energy remains in your Second Field, from where it can subconsciously manifest in your life. Such a manifestation limits rather than expands and should be released to achieve full growth and consciousness.

Since vows are made with ritual, it takes ritual to rescind them. (For example, a nun may receive a “dispensation” from the Pope so that she can leave the convent and get married.) There is a ritual for releasing generic vows, that is, the ones most entities have made in the course of many lifetimes. These include the vows taken by priests, nuns, members of secret societies, and even marriage vows. (Although marriage vows specify “till death do we part”, some souls intend eternity, not realizing that eternity includes many lifetimes.) This ritual can be performed as part of a group.

A second ritual should be done in private, as it involves a meditation designed to locate specific vows made regarding one's purpose in life. We will learn that ritual in Workshop Five.

Releasing Generic Vows

  • Place yourself in a quiet, sacred space.

  • Surround yourself with twelve candles.

  • Do the 12-Systems Breath.

  • Read this statement out loud:

I, ______________________ do request of my Innermost Self, ____________ [ God, the Universe, All That Is, etc. ], and the Holy Twelve levels of my being, to release me from all vows I have ever made, in ignorance or in truth, to any false messiah, to any brotherhood or sisterhood, any other entity, or to myself as the Creator that are no longer contributing to my highest good. I particularly wish to release all vows that I have ever made, that would block me from experiencing health, wealth and happiness. Please assist me in releasing these vows so that they no longer limit me. I ask that all restrictions be lifted and eliminated so that I may expand and experience in accordance with my highest good, using

  • ONA,

  • SIM-KA

  • DAU-I-O

  • The Sound of Connection

  • The Sound of Mobility

  • The Sound of Aspiration

  • The Sound of Awaken

  • The Sound of Communication

  • The Sound of Transformation

  • The Sound of Perception

  • The Sound of Enlightenment

  • The Sound of Emanation

  • The Sound of Continuance.