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All about your eighth System, Field and Inner Aspect.

About the Word

Transformation is the state of undergoing a change of appearance or form, nature, function, condition or action. This change goes beyond known barriers in order to form anew. This also is the act of crossing over into new territory, of being in a different place than previously. The word transformation comes from the Latin word transformase which means, trans -"across" or "beyond", and forma- "shape". Thus, it means "to shape across or beyond."

Purpose of Transformation

The purpose of Transformation is to reformulate self. This brings about a change in all the levels of which you are composed. This becomes an expansion toward, not away from, the more. It is an inclusive intention of being. Transformation includes all of what one is: past, present and future, as well as alternate selves. It is a process of combining one's present manifestation with one's possibilities. This re-forms a new state of being that has more, is more and possesses the potential to have and accomplish more. Transformation manifests on every level: physical, mental and spiritual.

At A Glance

Location of Center "Third Eye"
Statement I SEE
Associated Field/Inner Aspect Morphogenetic
Interactions Manifests / Multiplies
Tone G
Color Indigo
Chakra (for comparison) Sixth
Planetary Ruler Uranus

The Third Eye is often considered an organ of psychic seeing or perception. When analyzed, that turns out to be the ability to see the possible…and that is how you transform into the more, by seeing what is possible and actualizing that possibility.


Inside every Clark Kent is a Superman. Inside every Norma Jean Baker is a Marilyn Monroe. Anyone of us can be a clown with a little makeup and the release of inhibitions. We all have the potential to become more than we are.

You are changing, whether you realize it or not. Your cells die and are replaced; hair grows and falls; muscles get harder or flabbier. You cannot live a day without breathing, learning, gaining, changing. You can choose to transform consciously or unconsciously, but you cannot choose to not transform at all.


The active intelligence that creates statements of Transformation is in the form of I SEE.

I SEE comes in a variety of forms. I SEE statements are made which apply to the Morphogenetic Inner Aspect, the Morphogenetic Field, and the System of Transformation. Inner Aspect statements refer to the manner or quality in which you transform; Field statements refer to potential transformations, and System statements describe how you transform your perceptions of other beings and things to match your expectations. The use of the verb to see demonstrates the relationship of the Eighth Field, Inner Aspect, and System to the Third Eye.


Inner Aspect Field System
Quality of your transformations Your potentials and possibilities Your experience of coincidences
I SEE MYSELF as thin, but I can't lose weight I SEE MYSELF AS old and decrepit I SEE things just as I need them
I SEE MYSELF and then become what I see I SEE MYSELF AS a world-class bodybuilder I SEE every boss I have as a father figure
I SEE MYSELF changing without thinking or planning I SEE MYSELF AS a top sales person I SEE strangers as friendly angels


There is mounting evidence that as more and more people learn or do something it becomes easier for others to learn or do it. In one experiment, British biologist Rupert Sheldrake took three short, similar Japanese rhymes — one a meaningless jumble of disconnected Japanese words, the second a newly-composed verse and the third a traditional rhyme known by millions of Japanese. Neither Sheldrake nor the English schoolchildren he got to memorize these verses knew which was which, nor did they know any Japanese. The most easily-learned rhyme turned out to be the one well-known to Japanese people! This and and other experiments led Sheldrake to postulate that there is a field of habitual patterns that links all people, which influences and is influenced by the habits of all people. This field contains (among other things) the pattern of that Japanese rhyme. The more people have a habit pattern—whether of knowledge, perception or behavior—the stronger it is in the field, and the more easily it replicates in a new person. In fact, it seems such fields exist for other entities, too—for birds, plants, even crystals. Sheldrake named these phenomena morphogenetic fields—fields which influence the pattern or form of things.

10th monkey phenomenon

The action of this field has become known as the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon, from an experiment on monkeys done in the 1950s. Lyall Watson wrote in his book Lifetide that one monkey taught another to wash potatoes who taught another who taught another and soon all the monkeys on the island were washing potatoes where no monkey had ever washed potatoes before. When the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes, suddenly and spontaneously and mysteriously monkeys on other islands, with no physical contact with the potato-washing cult, started washing potatoes!

Each of us possesses a Morphogenetic Field of our own, containing all the possibilities of our lives, which influence the pattern or form of ourselves. This energy field contains patterns for your physical self as well as the shape of your life and things you will learn. That field interacts with the planetary Morphogenetic Field and makes it easy for you to change in ways that are normal for Humans (gain or lose weight) and difficult, though not impossible, for you to change in ways few Humans have changed before (breathe underwater or fly without equipment).

Inner Aspect


The Eighth Inner Aspect is called the Morphogenetic. It provides the mechanism by which we transform ourselves. As with all the other principles, the Inner Aspect works with the Eighth Field, supplying the mechanism by which information in the Field is accessed and used.

You are changing, and have been changing, all your life; and you will continue to change through death. But, how successfully do you transform? If you have the potential to be thin, how successful are you in realizing that potential? How long does it take, and how close to the ideal do you come in reality? A related issue is, how accurately can you detect your potentials? Can you see yourself as rich, successful, industrious? Can you picture yourself getting that raise (or even deserving it)? Some people think they know what they would do if they had lots of something like property, money family yet they do not find good models to bring that into reality. Those people that have been successful at what you desire each have ways in which they have accomplished that goal. When you have a plan that is workable and doable it works best.

The Eighth Inner Aspect, the Morphogenetic, is the means by which we access the potentials of our lives. Accurate perception means seeing what possibilities are really there, and not being misled by false possibilities. Examples of false possibilities probably include: Gaining super powers, being crowned King or Queen of a small country, growing a third set of teeth. These may be false possibilities because, although you can imagine them, they aren't really built into the planetary Morphogenetic Field for a member of our species or culture. On the other hand, you can't say these are false possibilities for everyone, because there is the occasional heir to an unknown relative; there are reports of people growing a third set of teeth. Who knows what might happen if you were to be bitten by a radioactive, genetically altered, spider? So, only you can determine the accuracy of your perceived possibilities. If you think you can, don't let anyone tell you you can't. That's how the planetary Morphogenetic Field changes: one "impossible" transformation at a time.

Unhealthy Inner Aspect


An unhealthy Eighth Inner Aspect is evidenced by difficulties transforming. Transformation may be difficult and chaotic for such a person; the potentials such a person sees for him or herself may be long in coming or may not seem come about at all.

Transformation should be easy. When it is not, it is likely because the person resists; and that most commonly happens when he or she is either unaware that the transformation is taking place, or is expecting a different or conflicting transformation instead.


  • Linda wants to lose weight, but her diets have been unsuccessful. She thinks she perceives herself as thinner and can't understand why the weight won't come off. She doesn't realize her distorted perception sees her potential to let go of old injustices. With this distortion, she thinks the problem is food when it's really attitude. Once she forgives and releases those injustices, the weight will follow whether she diets or not.
  • Gary wants to win the lottery. He sees having enough money will relieve his feeling, developed during childhood, of not being safe. So, he doesn't win the lottery; he doesn't get a raise; he may even lose his job. The potential towards which he needs to transform is that of developing a sense of self-security that does not rely on money. Once that sense is developed, money will stop being an issue for him.

How can you tell when your Eighth Inner Aspect is not working well? Simple: The transformations you want to make don't happen easily, and/or you can't identify what they are.

Exercise 8-a

Write down four I SEE statements referring to the quality in which you do (or don't) transform. Mark statements that indicate successful relations “I+”. Mark statements that indicate limited or negative relations “I-”.

Inner Aspect

Inner Aspect Health

Successful transformation

To maintain or develop Eighth Inner Aspect health, you must constantly monitor your transformations. Are these changes easy for you, or hard? Are you changing in ways you want to change? If change is hard for you, or you find yourself changing in ways you resist (gaining or losing weight to an unwanted extent, for example) that's a sign the Morphogenetic Inner Aspect needs attention. Have you got a workable plan based on a model that has accomplish a similar goal?

Admitting that you are misperceiving a transformation is the first step. Using the techniques you've learned in previous Workshops, including self-dialoging and ONA hand positions, determine what the transformation is really about. Remember that the apparently negative transformation is always a clue to your misperception. If you are losing wealth, your misperception involves what wealth means to you. If you are losing or gaining too much weight, it involves what weight signifies to you.

Step two is always to stop resisting the undesired transformation. Resistance is always futile, and the transformation is occurring for your benefit. So, instead of struggling against it, you must work with it to find out what its message is to you.

Listen to others to determine how most people relate to wealth, weight, etc. You must listen because you want to discover your misconception. You already know, from the symptom, that you have assigned a wrong meaning to the condition. By hearing what others have to say, you may be able to determine a more correct meaning. The find a good workable model that will pull it all together for you. Realize that your model does not have to be exactly just like someone else's you may need to modify they way it can work best for you.

As you learn to see your unintended transformations for the messages they are, they will lose their power and you will find you can manifest desired transformations with more ease and speed.

Morphogenetic Field


In your Eighth Field you will find each goal you have ever had in this lifetime and others. This is where you want to shed the old ways that no longer work for you. You want to work on who you are becoming and work on who that person is evolving to be. That requires steps that you need to take and sub-steps as well. The first level of having anything is to assume the beingness of the person who would have that. Such as before you learn to sing and that is your goal you need to assume the beingness of a singer. Without this you are just trying it out and are unsure of your goal.

You want to come into contact with people and place and things in your life that will support this evolution of you. Remember relationships that are doing well, form patterns that are high-frequency. To the sensitive person, they “feel” light and fluffy. Painful relationships and relationships involved in trauma form low-frequency patterns. They “feel” hard and dense. That goes for people, places and things. If you have a dense relationship with a place for example you need to process through if you have been there before and negativity involved so that it no longer is dragging you under in achieving your goal.

When you have a clear path in this field, life gets a lot less complicated and it smoothens out. You make time to forward it and it becomes your focal point. Now realize this is the Field of change so if things shift in your life, find out how to relate with the shift and align with it so that you are not sitting on the side of the road with your head in your hands wondering what's next? Changing addresses and life style sometimes is just the next step. Don't get bogged down in, "O this is not what I thought it would be!" or bother going into mystery about it all. Trust your Inner knowing and go with the flow and see if it all pulls together. If it just gets worse and worse pull up and start in the direction you sense works best for your goals.

Unhealthy Field


A person with an unhealthy Eighth Field has trouble finding what they want to be when the "grow up". They tend to beat themselves up over the smallest things. They seem to be drifting through life. Even when they find a goal or have potential they find it hard to stick with it because they have no tools on how to approach attaining their goals. They have not been able to or have few tools on being able to recognize their own potentials.

When these people try to accomplish things they may have all the talent in the world but they feel stopped and the huddles are just unbearable. They find it hard to connect to just the right people. Many with this type of field find the fluctuations of life to be way too much for them so if they don't make it once they think they are just not good enough and may give up. This area of the universal field is reflective and in the past as acted like a mirror showing you, you. Many in the past have thought they saw the ultimate and felt thwarted turned around or stopped. When it was not about stopping here but to keep on going. Being stuck here really hangs up peoples lives. It is simple yet these people need to work with looking at what they are best at as far as their potentials are concerned and how to develop those qualities and abilities, conneting with those people that will assist in one way or another and finding the steps that will lead to that goal.

Unhealthy Morphogenetic Fields are not hard to over come they just act as life ruins, Everyone has their own goals in life and when they or any portion are not achieved or seem out of reach there is regret and the feeling, "What I could have been or done". One thing that these people need to realize is that in most cases it is not to late. If you have a goal that you really would like to achieve go for it and do it 100% until you get there. if you realize it was not your goal. Learn to let it go!

This area also abounds with false goals. Those imposed on you or given to you by wither well intended others or not well intended others. These are false goals. You need to get rid of these by finding your true goals. Once you are clear on these you see those that have acted in this way! Then you release them and let them go!

Exercise 8-b

Write down four I SEE statements referring to your relationships, Mark strong relationships with “F+”; Mark unhealthy or painful relationships “F-”.


Field Health

To increase the health of your Morphogenetic Field, you need to identify and realize as many corrective potentials as possible (using the techniques described for the Eighth Inner Aspect) and concentrate on recognizing and developing experiential potentials. It is first seeing what those potentials are and working with all the other tools mentioned here. This is an ongoing process through out your life.

Finding Your Transformation

Referring to the Systems chart in Workshop Zero, please note that the parabolic plane for System Eight extends from a point just between the eyes. The point, the location of the pineal gland, has been recognized for centuries as of metaphysical significance and is often called the third eye.


Transformation as a System


The Transformation System is where our personal potentials interact with the potentials of the Universe to bring us what we need to manifest our potentials.

If the Morphogenetic Field contains the elements of attraction, the Transformation System does the actual attracting, based on those elements.

By extending outward into the Universe, and forward and backward in Time, the Transformation System allows you to come into contact with just the right people, places, and things you need to achieve your goals and become all you can be. You experience this effective attraction as coincidences. Which means, of course, that no coincidence is meaningless and certainly doesn't happen at random. Some people dislike the word for its connotation of meaninglessness and have chosen to use the term synchronicity instead. Either way, these events guide your life and are most effective when heeded.

Unhealthy System

Stuck in mud

With an unhealthy Eighth System, few coincidences occur, or they are not recognized in time to do anything about them. The Eighth System functions best when you are in a high-frequency state, and least effectively when you are in fear, depressed, angry, or feeling hopeless. Yes, it's a bitter cycle: The less hope you have, the fewer coincidences will guide you into a situation where hope seems warranted.

Exercise 8-c

Write down four I SEE statements referring to the coincidences you SEE, Mark items that indicate timely and meaningful coincidences with S+”; Mark items that indicate absent or meaningless coincidences “S-”.


System Health

To increase the health of one's System of Transformation, you must keep your vibrational frequency as high as possible. That is done through meditation. Proper diet, rest, and exercise help as well.

How can you tell what your frequency is? It's easy: The higher it is, the more coincidences you will experience; the lower, the fewer.

Some of the best methods of assisting the System of Transformation are the Transformational Breath and the ONA Transformation Techniques. When you are ready to learn how to do them, click the Next button below.