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All about the color of Transformation (indigo).

The Color of Transformation

Indigo is the Color of Transformation.

This is the color that has come to represent the energy of beings that wish to be more in touch with their insights concerning wisdom, self-responsibility, knowledge and management role-playing. At this level beings that are drawn to Indigo are able to hold a large place in the society they are a part of. They will tend to become big game players or those who look for bigger games to play.

Those who wear this color are protecting themselves against failure as it allows wisdom and discernment. Indigo protects the emotions and prevents fatigue. It also inspires with confidence those that can handle this vibration.

A room this color can give a sense of ease or support. Good color for an office. Use in an area in which you wish to protect your emotions. Indigo gives a sort of executive imaging. When utilizing this color in an area of meditation it will afford the sense of contented vastness and expansiveness. Indigo is electric, cooling and astringent. It is a parathyroid stimulant, a thyroid depressant, a blood purifier, a phagocyte builder, and a haemostatic agent, which means it assists in reducing or stopping excessive bleeding. It promotes muscular tonicity, respiratory depression and hypnotic-like insensibility to pain.

Indigo as a color controls the psychic currents of the subtle spiritual bodies. They also control the vortex of the forehead which influences vision, hearing and smell on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

The following disorders have been known to be treated with the color of indigo: appendicitis, asthma, bronchitis, cataracts, deafness, delirium tremens or tremors, dyspepsia, ear diseases, eye diseases, hyperthyroidism, mental illness, nasal diseases, nervous ailments, nosebleed- use indigo light and solarized water, obsession, palsy, pneumonia, respiratory diseases and throat diseases.