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The 'sound' of Transformation and how to use it.

ONA teaches and supports consciousness in all you do. The Sound of Transformation can trigger dynamic changes in one's life—whether he or she has had this Workshop or not! Because it would not be supportive to trigger such changes in the life of a person who had not consciously agreed to experience them, we ask that you not share this Sound with people who haven't had this Workshop. After all, they wouldn't be conscious of the possible effects, and would not have received the techniques for dealing with them..

Do share other information you learn here.

The Sound of Transformation


This is the energy that manifests form and then multiplies itself. This is best performed by way of the hand or a transferring of energy from one place to another. In the process of manifesting and multiplying various levels are brought together. This is the energy of crossing over from a single being with one viewpoint to the multiplicity of the Higher Self. At this level the Higher Self is beginning to identify itself through this process.

The three points of becoming are represented here as the hand. Crossing between Levels. From one many have come.
The hand that puts forth all things into being. Standing in both places at the same time.
The energy that manifests all things. Initiating the translation of forms. Many others of the same kind.
Manifestation. From one side to the other.
Formation. Beginning the process of making others of its kind. The process of life. A single purpose that brings duplication and more.
Potential being. Offering a bridge or a way to cross. That which multiplies.

Use this sound to manifest many possible outcomes of what is before you. Through this energy you can begin to see many possibilities, not just one. You need to chant this tone and breathe with it. This is also useful when starting out with something new. Sit and chant and breathe while meditating on your new venture.

Another use is when you are faced with many choices. Breathe and chant with CHAR-ISHA-MOD and things will begin to manifest for you along the lines that you intend.

When you are working on healing emotional issues, this sound is best used when you are too focused in on one thing or when you feel stuck on one thing. If you have thoughts that you want to build upon and watch multiply, chant and breathe this sound.

When working on your physical body or on a client, this is best used to open up closed portions of consciousness or parts of the body that seem constricted or depleted. In this case use this sound for short sessions with one of the ONA Breathing Techniques. CHAR-ISHA-MOD manifests for the highest good of the area or the person you are working with. It also multiplies the good working elements so that they can flourish and bring into being a healthy form. CHAR-ISHA-MOD is best when used with the ONA Hand Positions. It is more concentrated and precise.


We were not able to find this exact sound in common usage. However, the syllable MOD is a word that came into use in the 1960s, describing the new fashions, music, and style that emerged in London at that time—certainly a transformation of the "old" into the "new"..


It's particularly important that you practice saying this Sound…but not so that others can hear. Remember, it can bring up issues of Transformation for which the person may not be prepared,