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All about your ninth System, Field and Inner Aspect.

About the Word

Perception is more than the process of viewing. It is the act of sensing differentiation. Perception is representative of the capacity for insight, appreciation, view point, and knowledge to be gained. Perception implies a series of levels of sensitivity to that which one can sense, providing levels of awareness beyond simple observation. Middle English percepcioun, from Old French percepción, from Latin perceptio, perception, from perceptus, past participle of percipere, to REALIZE.

Purpose of Perception

By utilizing our own vision and insight and sense of more, we come to a broader and more informed state of being. This, in turn, leads us to an increased ability to understand more precisely the finer aspects of a thing. We could say that, with increased perception, we begin to see more than the mere existence of a thing (System One, Foundation); we REALIZE more of its twelve Systems. Ultimate Perception is our ability to see all Twelve. This is an increase of being which comes from making use of our own insight into the world in which we live.

At A Glance

Location of Center Crown
Statement I REALIZE
Associated Field/Inner Aspect Transcendent
Interactions Clarifies / Delineates
Tone G#
Color Purple
Chakra (for comparison) Seventh
Planetary Ruler Neptune

The Third Eye is often considered an organ of psychic seeing or perception. When analyzed, that turns out to be the ability to see the possible…and that is how you transform into the more, by seeing what is possible and actualizing that possibility.



The active intelligence that creates statements of Perception is in the form of I REALIZE.


Inner Aspect Field System
Your general perceptions Your personal patterns Patterns you perceive around you
I REALIZE that things come in threes. I REALIZE there are patterns in the clouds. I REALIZE some people are dishonest.
I REALIZE I always cry at weddings. I REALIZE I get sick whenever I drink beverages containing aspartame. I REALIZE I get along best with people who have a sense of humor.
I REALIZE I get along with animals. I REALIZE it often rains after a musty smell rises from the ground. I REALIZE television networks sometimes cause programs to be cancelled by shifting their place on the schedule so the ratings will drop.

Inner Aspect

The Ninth Inner Aspect is that of the Transcendent. This provides the mechanism by which you have realizations—that is, by which you perceive. Physically, the mechanism for this is the corpus callosum, the band of nerves that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Corpus Callosum

The corpus callosum is a very thick bundle of nerve fibers containing both myelinated and unmyelinated axons. In the 18th century, the corpus callosum was considered the site of the soul, and in the early 20th it was assigned the mere role of preventing the cerebral hemispheres from collapsing onto each other. It was only in the 1950s that the corpus callosum, in the pioneering work of Myers and Sperry, was attributed the function of transferal of information between the two hemispheres. This was followed by the development, in the early 1960s, of a surgical intervention aimed at reducing the interhemispheric transmission of abnormal electrical discharges in epileptic patients. This involved the sectioning of the corpus callosum and other commissural structures of severe epileptic patients in which drug treatment was ineffective. The study of these patients by Sperry (who won a Nobel Prize as a result), Gazzaniga, and collaborators have greatly contributed to our knowledge of the functions of this midline structure. Even today the corpus callosum is still the focus of interest for many neuroscientists who study interhemispheric communication.

Studies have shown that, although being born without a corpus callosum is a serious birth defect, after birth the corpus callosum in many individuals seems to atrophy “without serious effect” –except that the victims' level of creativity is diminished compared to “normal” individuals. One researcher estimated that in a room of 100 people chosen at random, probably 80 of them would have reduced functioning of the corpus callosum! What causes this condition is unknown (though it certainly explains each new TV season).

If the corpus callosum can atrophy, it seems likely that it can also be enhanced.

Unhealthy Inner Aspect

An unhealthy Ninth Inner Aspect is evidenced by lack of creative realization. Such a person cannot solve complex puzzles or perceive that a series of seemingly unrelated facts are, in fact, evidence of an unsuspected reality. They tend to take things at face value, believing, for example, that newspapers and TV news present an accurate picture of reality. They tend not to connect events of the past with events of the present (for example, CIA involvement with Osama bin Laden in the 1980s, the fact that George Bush was head of the CIA during that period, the later public friendship that grew between the bin Laden and Bush families, the Bush family's ownership of Zapata Oil Company, Zapata's agreement with the Taliban to build a pipeline across Afghanistan in the mid-1990s, the Taliban's reneging on that deal in the late 1990s, the published announcement by the Bush Administration in early 2001 that the US and Afghanistan would be at war by October of that year, and the events that transpired at the World Trade In New York City and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001) and will even resist being shown these connections. That's because considering such connections, which require a healthy corpus callosum to perceive, literally causes pain if the corpus callosum isn't up to the challenge.

That could be why some people get headaches doing puzzles or trying to solve problems beyond a certain level of complexity.

There are many persons who possess technical proficiency in music, drawing, or writing, whose production is devoid of those innovative and informative values that distinguish an artist from a performer. Such persons have a under-functional corpus callosum.

In our every day life some things seem to be very clear for you to perceive. You read and see things around you or listen to conversations that strike a chord within you. You perceive concepts and ideas as meaningful to you. This may lead you to realize or come to a some times unique and effective approach to many things you face in your life. you tend to make statements concerning these areas of life as I REALIZE. A whole series of encounters bring you closer to these statement such as "I REALIZE the turning radius of my car is not as tight as my old one" or "I REALIZE the price of that shirt is different in every store in which I have priced it". These statements bring you to a conclusion for better or worse, the light goes on upstairs inside of you. Go on then and find out more about what you REALIZE in your life.

Exercise 9-a

Write down four I REALIZE statements referring to your general perceptions. Mark statements that indicate clear perceptions “I+”. Mark statements that indicate inability to perceive clearly “I-”.

Inner Aspect

Inner Aspect Health

Sleeping baby.

To maintain or develop Ninth Inner Aspect health, you must keep your brain, especially the corpus callosum, healthy and at peak efficiency. That means getting enough sleep, exercising it through puzzles, creative endeavors, or other problem-solving activities.

Nutritionally, take antioxidants to prevent further damage to the brain (as well as the rest of the body), vasodilators, and nootropics.

Free radicals are responsible for much damage throughout the system. Free radicals are present in greater quantities during times of stress, illness, and when one is exposed to toxins from all sources. Internal cleansing and colonics can help purge some of these toxins from your system. Several substances known as antioxidants help combat this damage. They aid the entire body but are extremely important in maintaining cognitive function. A good antioxidant formulation should contain the following nutrients; vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, & E; and the minerals zinc, selenium; and inositol, bioflavanoids, choline, glutathione or N-acetyl-l-cysteine, methionine, CoQ-10, germanium, and dimethylglycine (DMG). Several of these substances show specific positive effects as cognitive enhancers: C, CoQ-10, glutathione or N-acetyl-l-cysteine, and germanium. Two food substances that aid in getting ride of toxins are organic broccoli and brown rice.

Vasodialators vs vasoconstrictors

Vasodilators open the small blood vessels called capillaries that permeate the body and brain. These tiny channels deliver all the nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Niacin (or vitamin B3), and ginko biloba (described below) have both been proven to increase blood flow to the brain thereby enriching the oxygen supply and boosting alertness.

Nootropics or "smart drugs" are a rapidly developing area of pharmaceutical research. These drugs are available only by prescription or from sources outside the United States. However, there are two natural substances that are legally available that have nootropic (mind enhancing) effects: ginko biloba and pyroglutamate.

Engrams: changes in energy fields that store memories.

The dictionary definition of engram is, “A physical alteration thought to occur in living neural tissue in response to stimuli, posited as an explanation for memory.” We've refined the definition to mean energetic alterations, since a premise of ONA is that memories are actually stored as energy matrices in the fourth (Mental) field.

Each memory includes a lot of data: Every sound, word, smell, sight (if the eyes were open), physical sensation, and circumstance of the moment it was formed. Every memory you have includes all sensory input from every moment. That's why, under hypnosis, you can recall things you were unaware of at times you are too stressed to recall or just short quick encounters, like the name of a book on a shelf or the eye color of a man you saw only once, briefly.

Most memories are neutral and cause no problem. However, engrams formed during moments of pain and/or unconsciousness are “shielded”—made inaccessible—as a means of self-protection. That's why people often can't remember a traumatic experience or many details. Such shielded or hidden memories can't be remembered, but they are still there, as energy patterns—and their effect on you is potentially harmful, since you can't even remember that they are there.

The connection of related memories—necessary to intentionally remember something, or make connections between two pieces of information—is a function of the ninth (Transcendent) field.

Transcendent Field

Card catalog

Your Transcendent Field stores all your memory associations, and allows you to store new ones.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Transcendent refers to the “…basis of knowledge as independent of experience.” To transcend is “To exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe).” The poet, Hilaire Belloc, said, “One never can see the thing in itself, because the mind does not transcend phenomena.” And it's true, the mental field does not…but the ninth field does. It is the glue that holds the series of events that make up a pattern together, even though the events themselves are not stored here. The ninth field only holds the pattern; the Mental Field holds the memories of the individual events.

Because the Mental Field is so much more accessible to the average person than the Transcendent Field, many people recall the events but miss the patterns. That's why, when a pattern is pointed out to someone, they often gasp and say something like, “Oh, my—you're right, I do only date men who turn out to be serial killers!”



Memories are only useful when you can retrieve them as needed. That retrieval generally happens by association—that is, you already have a memory, and a related one comes up. For example, you see someone's face; they look familiar, and that triggers recognition: “That's Mom!” In turn, you now have access to memories that tell you why you are with your mother, what the last thing is you were talking about, and so. If you focus on what you were talking about, you'll have access to your information on those subjects, and so on.

These associations are patterns stored in the ninth (Transcendent) field. Note that the memory isn't stored there; just the associations. It's similar to a library, where the books are stored on shelves but the index cards are kept in card files. To find a book, you look up the title or author card, then use the information on the card to locate the book. To activate a memory, you activate an association in the Transcendent Field, and that association then locates and activates the desired memory.

Associations themselves are keyed by each of the components of an engram: Sounds, sights, smells, and so on. That's why the smell of apple pie can trigger the memory from your childhood of an aunt showing you how to bake an apple pie. The new memory is then added to the association, with all its additional sensory components.

So, on some subsequent date, when a similar smell, word, sound, or whatever is experienced, it re-activates the original memory/pattern link, and the new memory is added to the link as well—and is equally active, including new smells, sounds, words, sensations, and so on, in addition to those present in the primary. And now, any one of the smells, sounds, and so on can act as a trigger to attach a third memory to the structure. This is why we have associative memories; mention “birthday party” and you might find yourself thinking, not only of your own birthday parties, but others you've attended.

Unhealthy Field

Distorted reality

An unhealthy Ninth Field is evidenced by distorted realizations. People with these, tend to make inappropriate or inaccurate associations between facts or events, both on a personal as well as a societal level. Mother going to the store to buy dinner does not mean she is leaving forever! Just because your parents praised your brother when he won the baseball game at school, does not mean they love you less. Coming to unreal conclusions or jumping to conclusions can be very upsetting and stressful not only to you but other people you know as well. Taken to an extreme, the result can be either a poor or inflated self-esteem.

Confusion on television

How many times have you heard or seen people on TV or that you know jump to all kinds of conclusions? Their mind seems to bend the truth. We sometimes see sit-coms do this a lot. It is what makes you laugh at it, because you know the truth and the characters have not found it out yet. you know the distortions they have told themselves and assumed to be true based upon part of what they have heard or seen. It could range from an innocent kiss or hug to something taken completely out of context. If that doesn't distort your perception field nothing will!

What is the real rub here is that these become patterns of behavior in how you perceive. You see those characters on TV and in movies seem to jump to the same or similar conclusions about most things in their life. Lucy always wants to be in the show and finds ways to be in it, thinking she has a wonderful voice and can sing. The situations she and Ethel get into are typical assumptive distortions of their abilities and talents in most of the shows. That is why you laugh. You see through to what they have not yet found out. People are so use to this false sense another person has about their own abilities in more recent times the world watched American Idol Shot down people who really thought they were great singers. Only to have their hopes dashed while auditioning for the show.

Perhaps you have been in some of these situations yourself, hopefully not the one making the distorted conclusions. At some point you may see through your own distortions; but more often your friends have been pointing them out for years! As it is said "the truth will set you free" and it feels just like that if your field adjusts and you don't hold onto your false assumptions out of resentment or frustration—or simply because it's more comfortable to not have to re-evaluate what you thought you "knew". You REALIZE what was really occurring and you start to laugh at the situation and what you thought you knew!

Lets see if your personal observations about you and what you realize is working for you.

Exercise 9-b

Write down four I REALIZE statements referring to your relationships, Mark strong relationships with “F+”; Mark unhealthy or painful relationships “F-”.


Field Health

How we see ourselves and what we think we perceive is important to our health and well being. It is most important to take the time to really examine the facts and circumstances involved with our outer perception of ourselves. In the play and movie Funny Girl, the character Fanny Brice has a sense of herself and knows if she can only get some one to give her a chance or listen to her she could be the "Greatest Star". She even takes time to laugh at herself by saying to the mirror, "Hello gorgeous!"

Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, we all see what we are projecting as our self. When you create your self as how you see your self, live it and walk it. It becomes you! What is most interesting is that the character Fanny Brice was played by another real person, Barbra Streisand, a woman who created herself as attractive and became one of the biggest-selling singers of all times, as well as an accomplished actor, composer, director and producer. Both possessed unusual looks and were not the common beauties of their days; yet they set many trends of how we perceive ourselves as funny and/or attractive. Even if you don't happen to be a fan, you have to take notice at what is possible by believing in yourself.

In our world today is a performer known as Lady Gaga. She, like many other performers, came through the distortion and works with the distortion to reflect it back to us. Outrageous and unusual, she performs dichotomies and sings and presents it in an image that makes associations that are very important in reshaping our stuck images of what things "are" and "should be". You may not understand what she is singing or doing. It is more than entertainment and you have been so stuck in your images and emotions that go round and round in the same place that you forget to go beyond. It is not negative to sing about loving yourself; it is not bad to talk about caring and hoping to be accepted for who you are. She performed for President Bill Clinton's organization and told the story of living in New York City and hoping someone would just hear her and give her a chance. Sound familiar? Yes, hope and believing in yourself gets you where you not only want to be, it leads to where you need to be.

Success comes to those who project themselves as who they are and can be. They are persistent because they have come to realize their field of perception really well and they know how to use it to get what they want.

The point is, false beliefs and conclusions will not get you what you need, in the long run—and often, not in the short run, either. Abusing your talents to exploit others, lessening others to make yourself seem like more, has the opposite effect. People see this coming a mile away! (Can't you spot it easily in others?) Your fields interact with one another. People know when you are being you. This is a sense we all share.

Beauty does not begin in the eye of the beholder! It starts with your own accurate realizations of yourself.

Finding Your Perception

Referring to the Systems chart in Workshop Zero, please note that the parabolic plane for System Nine extends from the top of the head.


Perception as a System

Where you've been; where you're going.

Your Ninth System invites you to come to conclusions regarding your own experiences as well as from information coming to you from the world around you. This is another way of increasing Self awareness. It is a way of realizing what you have been up to thus far in your life process and how you have interacted with those people, places and things or circumstances surrounding you. You take the opportunities to see things through a series of stories and incidents about which you make conclusions.

Your Second System is composed of emotions; your Seventh System may relate those emotions to others. When you tell your stories you have the chance to have AH HA's! moments by saying O that's why I said or did that… In this way you can put things in a clearer light for yourself of how you interact with your environment.

Your Sixth System is composed of stories; your Seventh System may tell those stories. While your ninth system will come to realize specific things about those stories such as, "Oh, that incident lead me to do…".

And so on. In this way you see where you have been and why you are where you are now.

Unhealthy System

How did THAT happen?!

A person with an unhealthy Ninth System may have a sense of mystery regarding incidents from their past. He or she may have been wondering for some time how come things turned out the way they did. A person with a weak Ninth System may dismiss such concerns with, "That is just the way things go." A person with muddled perception may think that others get the prizes and they don't. In many cases it is not so. They just have not had enough "AH HA! That's why that is so!" realizations about the people, places and things in their life.

Exercise 9-c

Write down four I REALIZE statements referring to the what you have realized in relation to the people, places and things in your life, Mark items that indicate successful realizations, the ones that make you go Ah HA! with S+”; Mark items that indicate unsuccessful realizations, those that don't seem to fit right now or leave you puzzled with “S-”.


System Health

To increase the health of your Ninth System of Realization, you must keep their vibrational frequency as high as possible. That is done through meditation. Proper diet, rest, and exercise help as well. Most of all you need to give yourself opportunities to have AH HA moments. Stop saying, "I can't possibly know that!" and start perceiving and persevering. See what you see and allow yourself to say, "Oh, that's why!"

How can you tell what your frequency is? It's easy: The higher it is, the more successful you will be in having realizations that produce AH HA moments; the lower, the less successful you will be.

One of the best methods of assisting the System of Perception is to use the breathing technique, hands-on and techniques you learn in this workshop. Do this at the end of each day while reviewing it for AH HA moments! If you can't find many, start looking. They are there!