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All about your eleventh System, Field and Inner Aspect.

About the Word


Emanation is the state or condition of issuing forth or pouring out. To cause to flow forth. The spreading and sharing from a common source. It is the e ffusion or unrestrained outflow or exhalation. To radiate, emergence, arising and becoming apparent.

The action of emanation serves a purpose. Emanation is a state of being where an individual is rendering or facilitating a task or function. This provides a person, place or thing with assistance or benefit. To be of service is to assist self or others for the highest good. This may seem at times to not be of benefit to those involved. It is for the greatest good that any service is performed or carried out. Emanation has come to mean to us that the recipients receive an increase in quantity, quality, upliftment and/or expansion. These will occur, in our definition, for the highest good of all concerned. This involves taking what has been supplied as useful instruments and performing an uplifting, beneficial task or outpouring. In the process you feel uplifted.

Purpose of Emanation

The purpose of emanation is to place into action a functioning out flow. This is best seen and experienced as to serve the highest good for all concerned. It can be the setting up of a service to others or self which on its own can continue. Here we are talking about an out flow that will leave all those touched by it in a better place in relation to themselves or others around them. The best way to experience this is to serve self and others simultaneously so that both are left in more advantageous positions than prior to the commencement of their activities. In this way we see service as something real, tangible, and filled with substance for a brighter and more inclusive experience. There is a universal law that governs this kind of flow of energy. When you emanate from a source to assist another you better make sure that what you are sending them is no more than they can handle. Otherwise you could collapse them and it will rebound on you! So ensure all your discernment and understanding of energy has taken this into account prior to offering this flow. It is not about the return flow at this level as much as it is about the ability of the recipient to receive and also flow this kind of energy. If you send this energy to a person, place or thing that does not flow well or sticks or stops this flow, it can also have a rebounding effect. You may find you need to build them up in some way or teach them how to receive or flow what you are intending. It is like trying to flow water through a stuck pipe, it just backs up. To more fully comprehend this it is essential to understand service.

Emanation is to take what is presented and increase its value, worth, place of standing, honor and/or understanding. Within the process of service can be seen the upliftment of a particular idea, concept, belief, person, place and/or thing. It is to render beneficial or in favor of.

Emanation is the outward manifestation that is to a greater or lesser degree, apparent when you have realized its benefit to yourself and others simultaneously. It is not owned by one or the other and depends upon the amount of joy present for its action to succeed. How easy is it to carry out any task involved with anything except in joy? To the degree that joy or even enthusiasm is present, the more successful is the service. A person does not perform or participate in service for just self or only the selfless act to assist others. There will always be a return flow for every action or service created. One does not need to ponder or worry what this return should or must be. That is not service. It will be in just and balanced kind. This is what is meant by "Emanation is done without thought of self," because one does not need to be concerned with self when in true service. You are already included in the equation. The action is moving outward to a harmonious balance to fulfill Human law and/or spiritual law. Fulfilling only Human law results in you getting something in return as your goal. Fulfilling both is to not be concerned with what the return is because the joy of performing the service is a return flow in itself for you. If it is not a joy for you it can, to some degree, seem to be arduous or burdensome. Thus if you try to approach service from the idea of being of service rather than just joyfully and unconditionally serving, it will collapse on you because of the mental conditioning and your lack of true joy or enthusiasm.

True service is a very expanded commodity within this universe and thus it offers great pleasure in its unconditional success. Reward is in the doing and the completion of a task well done. You can test this one on yourself. Without thought of gain, offer to file names alphabetically to assist someone who needs this task completed. When you can complete the task in joy and enthusiasm you feel a sense of accomplishment. That is the return flow! If while performing this service you failed to find many of the places to file or were prevented in fulfilling your task to a greater degree, you may feel exhausted and drained. When you gain the knowledge of how and where to find more of those things necessary to complete most of this service your energy and joy returns and you feel a bit lighter. You will find that it does not matter if you were being paid to accomplish this task or not to feel joy. The conditions would be the same. When you are able to remain joyful and enthusiastic in your approach throughout your task you will find more successes than non-completions took place. This is because you were focused on the joyful completion of the task at hand, not just the kind of service, doing something to help out or just to get paid. You placed your joy in the process to complete the task at hand and thus you became the greater service! Being of unconditional service means that you do not buy into limits and actually go beyond these while maintaining your joy in the task at hand.

Make sure though that you are performing an agreed-upon task of service to whomever or whatever you wish to serve. Ensure that what you are doing is in step with the person(s), place(s) or thing(s) with whom you have an agreement to serve. If it is not, you could be contributing to disturbances or upsets in relation to them. Do not allow your kindness of heart to blind you to the true needs of the individual task at hand.

How does this work if you also get paid to perform a task? This is what we mean by ensure your agreements prior to the task. A person is willing to pay ump-teen dollars to get something completed. You have the skills or know how in order to accomplish that. You both agree before hand what completion looks like for both of you. You work out a time frame to get this to completion. The dollars are what supports the physical substance to complete the task. Money is a symbol of renewal and energy as fuel. It allows you to move your body in the way that gets things done. When you are doing the task all the above is in play so that you get it done in joy. So many people are not doing their joy. finding it is a process in itself. So you may want to start there first then proceed.

At A Glance

Location of Center Two Feet Above the Head
Statement I Serve
Associated Field/Inner Aspect Conscious
Interactions Provides/Renews
Tone A#
Color Silver
Chakra (for comparison) Eleventh
Planetary Ruler Uranus

At this level there is a scintillation experienced at the top of your head when you are working in this area of energy. You can become more aware of this the more you access it. What is two feet above anyone's head about? It is a sense of higher connections, your life line to the beyond and greater than the mundane and trite or triviality of an every day humdrum predictability. This is where "Ground Hog Day" ends! You will only see the new and profound become your life because you can predict with clear awareness what comes next. If you keep it fresh and new each time, it won't wear you down or become drab or stale. See how it applies in a new unit of time and is specific for the situation at hand. This will add greatly to your abilities!

What's So Special About That?

Food drive

To serve in any capacity is to honor yourself and your knowledge and the process that brought you to this place. When you know the quality of your own energy you can learn to share it readily with others more freely and succinctly. What makes it special is what you do in the process of sharing, your act of emanation with the universe that surrounds you.

This process and level of energy is where you begin to unite with the universe and access all of this universal energy. Currently we seem to be having experiences as Distinct Beings. This is part of the Divine Plan. While ONA helps teach us to obtain and maintain contact with that higher (deeper) Self, you must also retain your individuality for the current experience. Learning to be a Whole Self means both contact with the Highest Self, which you share with everyone else and in which All is One, while retaining your individuality.

Does this mean you won't know who you are or that you will cease to be that person you are with your sense of Human along with your likes and dislikes? How bizarre to think that becoming more aware of your own consciousness means giving up something! That is like avoiding going out on rainy days and thus missing the beauty of the things around you. You could miss a big and wonderful rainbow, or the beauty of raindrops on a spider's web, or the way flowers sparkle when wet. Why, at most you might have become cleansed of some old dirt particles that had attached themselves to you! It is just that you never know how you will feel or be until you try it! Too many times we miss out on experiencing great things in life due to unrealistic and misleading fears. Until lightning strikes me I will be just as I am and if it does I hopefully will be able to tell you how I feel and think about it then. It is presented as such a deadly experience, which it rarely is. More people live to tell about it than don't.

Learning how to emanate to others through the process of service is the best way to experience this sense of Oneness with all the Universe. Your higher Self will be joyously thanking you throughout eternity. As your consciousness expands and you become more powerful in your abilities to emanate to and through other's lives, the world will change and your eyes will become opened to many new things that you can handle with ease, joy and effectiveness.

Now-Based Reality

You would think that living in the NOW would be easy. After all, animals do it constantly.

But we Humans, with our memories and emotions, tend to either live in the past (which results in depression) or worrying about future disasters (which is called anxiety). Only in the present, can we find true joy.

Why would it be best for all to live within "Now-Based Reality"? It might seem impractical. After all, as Humans we are constantly reviewing where we have been and what we have done. This helps us project the future, hopefully better and with many more wins, enjoyments and pleasures.

But reviewing the past isn't the same as wallowing in it. If you identify false moves you don't wish to repeat, then by all means learn from your mistake. But then let it go! And as for constantly worrying that a disaster is about to befall, well, it's distracting and a waste of time. And it definitely prevents you from enjoying the NOW.

Being in Now-Based Reality is the best place to be when you are working with deep and lasting healing processes or hands-on work that needs the energy to be in the NOW. When processing things from the past it is most important to really examine the past. Once that area is freed up, it increases that person's ability to live in the NOW of their life. Have them look around and see what they enjoy about being here and now! Watch their faces light up with joy!

If you want to see a person become more alive and in the present moment, have them walk around the room or area you are in and have them touch things and tell you about them. Watch the smiles return to their faces. Don't carry this on past that point. Ask them how they are feeling NOW! Listen and acknowledge what they tell you.

This works really well on persons in and out of consciousness at the hospital or sick in bed. When they are awake, have them touch things until they are able to remain conscious for longer periods of time.

When ever you come into a new environment the best way to get acquainted is to go around and touch the boundaries of the space and the objects in it until you feel good inside. When you start to smile, you are ready to begin any new adventure.

Life is a flow and as you progress through it you will have to make time for the past to get through what might be tying you down. You will need to always return to the present moment for comparison. From the present moment you will need to plan for the future. Consistently tie it all back to where you are in the present. "Because Auntie Em, There is no place like present time Reality" to steal a term from Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. There just isn't!


The active intelligence that creates statements of Emanation is in the form of I SERVE.

I SERVE comes in a variety of forms. I SERVE statements are made which apply to the Conscious Inner Aspect, the Conscious Field, and the System of Emanation. Inner Aspect statements refer to the manner in which you serve. Some quality about your Field statements refer to your stories about your service, and System statements describe your Emanation for the Universe beyond yourself.


Inner Aspect Field System
Quality of or how you serve Your Emanation Your Emanation beyond yourself
I SERVE my community with a sense of dignity I SERVE myself by regularly brushing my teeth to ensure my dental health. I SERVE my community as neighborhood watch dog.
I SERVE on that panel with conviction I SERVE myself proper portions to maintain a nutritious diet and a healthy weight. I SERVE my church as a advocate for peace.
I SERVE others with a pride in my healing abilities I SERVE as a conduit for energy to balance the world around me. I SERVE as a healer to stray animals I encounter.

Inner Aspect

The eleventh Inner Aspect makes you Conscious. This is awareness of being aware and knowing how to stay focused on the process or task at hand and see it to completion.

A person will find the quality of their life in how they first take care of the Self. This allows them to find that same quality in others and things around them. It opens them up to be able to contribute more to those they come into contact with and be more effective by knowing the possibilities of what can be done to support the process of life.

The old adage, "To thine own Self be true", still applies here even more than ever. This is due to you needing to know from inside yourself to be able to administer to others more thoroughly. Because you have the inner knowing allows you to see this even more in others. This will allow you to be of better service to your own needs while you can be even more affective toward those people places and things that are a significant part of your own life.

It becomes much easier to have true compassion for others because you can see their plight or situation much more from a personal place inside of you. This new inner consciousness gives you this as a gift and lightens your load and because you now know it is easier to relate to others from fist hand knowledge. This tends to speed the progress of healing because with the more you are certain the more confidence you have from your own knowing and the less reservation will exist in the process you are employed by.

Unhealthy Inner Aspect

This person is constantly riddled with self-doubt and moans about how dark and bad the world is. They have misgivings about people, places and things. They talk in broad sweeping generalities, such as "everybody knows" and "they say". When you ask them specifically where they heard such things they might get irate and keep repeating how it is common knowledge. They will not try to look up the source of it or even show interest if you do.

These people think that service to others is a waste of time and money and they will support projects that seem like progressive constructive ones. When you take a closer look they are unhealthy and bad for everyone in general although they sound like they are taking everyone and everything into consideration. (For example, investing in the "defense" industry is really investing in war.)

They evade questions and end up giving you double talk about the subject at hand. They don't believe peace has a chance because war has been with Humankind for so long it can never be changed. They even go further to talk of actively defending your community against invaders, whoever "they" are. These people do not really trust others because they do not trust themselves.

They will talk about "always!" and "never!" Key terms for them. They get hot under the collar about others doing better than them. To their way of looking at, it first come, first served and you don't need to help people that can't help themselves. They say "Charity begins at home", Yeah, their home!

People that manifest this area being out of whack are just that, whacked! Sometimes you will talk to people that are stuck in a time in their life where (they think) things were much better. You can hear them say, "It wasn't like this in 1945!" or whatever period they are stuck in to avoid now. These people really need that process that brings them into the present moment. It might not heal their negativity right away, but It will help you to communicate more effectively with them.

These are not evil or bad people. Too much of life has pushed too hard at them and they gave in.. You can help them rehabilitate by bringing them into today where they can realize they are whole and well. If real illness or disease shows up, that can be dealt with as it presents itself. It might become a real illness, because you can't go that long as a creator of your world and keep telling yourself that you are sick or ill without manifesting something awful. That constant willingness to be sick, allows or invites stuff to take hold.

Eleventh Inner Aspect health is very important in many ways. When unhealthy it could create mass hysteria and panic and in more than one instant in time has propagated pandemics that have almost wiped out Humankind. It is just the fact that Humans get tired or or sick and even in the darkest of times like the black death or plagues that swept through China or Europe. People find a way to continue on and persist.

That is the gift of the Eleventh Inner Aspect. Once it starts to heal there is no stopping it. It just rebounds really well and reconnects to others and new societies and nations are formed because people evolve a sense of commonality and identification with one another. Then they begin the service to one another from these connections. Just what this inner aspect is all about!

Exercise 11-a

Write down four Inner Aspect I SERVE statements (referring to the way you do, or don't serve others, the quality of that service), Mark statements that indicate successful service “I+”. Mark statements that indicate limited or negative service “I-”.

Inner Aspect

Inner Aspect Health

Inner Aspect health is essential to living a happy life. Sure, it's healthy to stay aware of those elements in society that might attempt to do us all in. It is not healthy to live there all the time. Healthy attitudes are about creative goals; and raising your own consciousness is just one way to do that while the truest path to a healthy Eleventh Inner Aspect is by service to the greater good of all concerned.

When things in life get you down, challenge those things by creating a way to help those around you who really need help. Share from your fullness of experience and remain conscious, yet not arrogant and hoity. Pretending to serve others because it makes you seem self important or better than others is not service to you or anyone else.

Follow the simplest of rules by creating moments of joy from out of nothing in everyone's life by:

  • Saying hello and smiling at others you see on the street or in stores. Wish them good day.

  • When in conversation with another ask him or her to reflect on something pleasant, like, "Nice weather we are having!" or "What a nice color those flowers are!" This of course is the creative process; you get to choose something. This increases people's ability to expand into the environment and see the positivity in it.

  • Come together as a group and plan to spread cheer in public places. Invent projects that foster smiles and upliftment among the public or those in institutions.

  • During holidays find someone who can benefit from a good cup of cheering up and wish them a happy holiday.

These are acts of spontaneous kindness whose effects spread across the planet. Do not neglect this duty for a moment. There are those who steal energy from others by trying to control them with fear and anger. It is important to see that some movements act to bring awareness and others are being used to spread discontent and fear. Even projects that start out with good intentions can go sour due to undue influences of negativity.

Continue to be healthy in your Inner aspect and assist others to do the same. Talk openly and freely on how to identify energy vampires and negativity seekers. Show people how to laugh in the face of darkness and negative statements and show them how to replace that energy with kindness and consideration. Exclude no one and keep aware of those who are being duped pr fooled into following negative thoughts.

Keep a clear head, heart and mind. Fear can stop you cold and strike you dead! Love and sharing will set everyone free through caring and solutions. Be creative!

Conscious Field

What does it mean to be conscious and see it in others? It is about using the awareness you have gained earlier and finding constructive venues for it. The Conscious Field is all about staying alert to all the possibilities in any given situation. Rule nothing out at first. Consciousness is not just about being aware; it is much more than that. When you are a conscious living being you see most sides of the story and can ascertain where things need to go for the greatest good for all.

The best way to relate this is from understanding what is occurring with any given situation.

Unhealthy Field

A person with an unhealthy Eleventh Field has no time for other forms of life around them. Besides not having a green thumb, they dislike children, dogs, cats and plants. They retreat into finding uses for things and if you can't use it or ensure its proper place, throw it out! Now we all do that to some extent; yet these people take it to an extreme that is uncomfortable and they are self-righteous about it.

(Please note that an unhealthy Eleventh Field may throw out people; it's an unhealthy Second Field that hoards unneeded objects.)

Life is object-oriented to them. "If it isn't about me I am not interested," you might hear them say. They may harbor resentments unexpressed against charities of various kinds. They may, more than once, express "Why don't those people get a job and support them selves?" They tend to miss the broader perspective of how there are levels to consciousness and to life. They fail to see that each person is at a different vibration in their own development and path to self realization. Juts because someone is having a hard time does not mean he or she could not be a wise master on another level.

Why are there so many different people, all different, with different customs, religions, languages and ideas? The answer is so they could all teach one another from the strengths of what they know they are. In our experience in ONA, we have learned many things from people who seem to be homeless, blind or deaf as well as those who are of various walks of life such as cultures, races and customs. All of these differences whether we want to see them or not are a part of our Humanity. You can pretend they are separate from you, but they are not and can never be. If I attended your school we are related. If we live in the same town, we are related. If my church is on the same street as your synagogue or temple or mosque, we are related. If we share the same planet, star system or galaxy, we are related. To see it any other way is to be manifesting an unhealthy Eleventh Field.

Truly manifesting an unhealthy Eleventh Field is trying to ignore your consciousness of these things. It is propagating a need to not understand or deal with various cultures, ideas or thinking "they don't belong here", because they are not a part of my group! It is reasonable to build a fence or wall around your property or garden to preserve it from being trampled by wildlife or small children. It is not reasonable to wall your country against people whose skin color and culture is expressed differently than yours.

A person with an unhealthy Eleventh Field will think that our country must be protected from outside influences, and encourage walls and fences. That's because the arguments in favor of such walls—the same arguments presented to the Chinese (Great Wall), the many Roman walls, the Berlin Wall—are all fear-based, and a person with an unhealthy Eleventh Field buys into that. But those arguments are bogus; they are promulgated by multi-national organizations that make huge profits by manipulating laws to trap third-world citizens into low-paying jobs. (You did know Mexico has made unions illegal, right? No wonder Mexicans want to move here!)

This is how black and dark it can get! You will see those with unhealthy Eleventh Fields stating their fear statements. Work to heal these energies in the world you live in, not with more war or being against them but with smiles, happiness, uplifting statements and joy. Help them them find their joy. If they do, everyone wins: we get a much better world to live in!

Exercise 11-b

Write down four I SERVE statements referring to your Conscious Field, Mark strong I SERVE Statements with “F+”; Mark unhealthy or painful I SERVE Statements “F-”.


Field Health

This kind of health depends on your willingness to create it in your life and in your world. Seek out others that have like goals; and spread the joy. It is so infectious to find uplifting statements of service. So many people find just pure joy in creating these kinds of projects for themselves. Feel free to tell us about some of yours projects, plans and service projects and how they turned out.

You can easily spot people with healthy Eleventh Fields, They are the ones enjoying life and more importantly they are taking others with them. They are inviting and inclusive of others. They see the joy in sharing and making sure their communities are doing something actively to help others.

When you are in the presence of these people you just feel good and find yourself wanting to spend more time with them. They make you feel good about life and about yourself.

What a wonderful world to live in: One filled with caring and loving people. Not all people are there yet and some people have a lot of healing to do. Why not address those folks who are ready for this kind of energy and start the ball rolling? When you get opposing views from people check their fear statements. Watch the guise of, "I am only thinking of your own good." Process them through their fears if you have the time and want to do that. Better to seek out others of like mind to start with. There is power in numbers.

This Field's health is particularly important, beyond what most people even think of from day to day. It makes the difference from being a world that is filling up with light to one that is filled with fear and darkness. Granted you may be faced with organizations, schools, community activities and groups that are ripe with distortion and placing those misgivings upon the general public. No one said this was a breeze! It can be done though. You need to confront all those involved head on and have them come face to face with the limitations that they are propagating upon others as injustices or wrong behavior. Call them out on invalidations that act to subterfuge the goals and tenants of which they themselves claim to be proponents. Remind them how good the world can be if you all work together to make it that way.

Completely healthy Eleventh Systems on this level are hard to come by. Everyone on Earth has had misgivings and made mistakes. This is why this level of energy is so vital to Humanity at this stage of our progress. A dishonesty can always be uncovered and set to right. Do not sit on it for fear It will bite you. That is just the way this universe works. Be careful who you hit and how you hit them. Make sure you know details of how it all occurred. Know how you are fighting and ask them what principals they stand for.

The first level of seeing unethical behavior is to see it and then to note the details involved without emotions. Just the facts, what occurred and who said what that caused what. Don't be concerned with opinions. Everyone has one and many of them don't match the facts. Go for clarity and resolution, not revolution. Remember it is not about getting even or getting back. It is about everyone winning.

Unfortunately health in this world is seen as a business instead of an inalienable right! They will even sell religion! Your faith, on the other hand, belongs to no one else but you. Where do you place your faith? Be very aware of what intangible portion you want to believe is working for you. Make it do just that. Show your body, mind and spirit that it works and how it works. Faith is not blind. Faith is believing in something you know works for you! It requires a repeatable performance, just like science. If you've been told prayers work a certain way, they should always work that way. If not, you will be told that you didn't do it right; but it's far more likely that what you were told is incorrect. Find a technique that works for you!

Now you know how health works. it works due to the energy present. When that energy is not applied, used properly or misused faith starts to fade and science is needed to make people see what they have become blind to. Let's not make science the bad guy, It is not. It works really well with consistency and experiences that set faith in place. These all must work together. When they don't, your physical workings will be out of balance. Teach energy first; then go for the science involved. It is much better that way.

This is how you see a healthy Eleventh Field. The person with deep faith in what he knows, will succeed every time. The student who learns energy has the best chance to understand the science involved.

Finding Your Emanation

Referring to the Systems chart in Workshop Zero, please note that the parabolic plane for System Eleven extends from two feet above the head.


Emanation as a System

Your Eleventh System provides and renews you through your outpouring to others. Since we relate by emanating at this level, the Eleventh System can also be seen as your way of living your life as the healer you are!

This system of energy has been referred to as a "silver cord" that connects the being of who you are to your physical or tangible body. It has a lot to do with emanation of the soul and preservation of the other fields and systems.

Unhealthy System

Unhealthy System Eleven shows up in all sorts of ways due to how well the person may be hiding their their true thoughts and beliefs. In general they don't do well as public speakers. They seem to be preoccupied by thinking others don't like them or may be acting against them.

They may sense untrue or unreal competition from people that either are fun-loving and like to joke or people that do well in life and are not even thinking about competing with them. This person most likely won't get the joke not even eventually. They hate being ridiculed and will not stand for being made fun of. They may find petty ways to seek revenge.

Don't think they will lighten up for the holidays, either. This is the hum bug! The perpetual wet blanket or lifeless droll of the party. Sometimes they go out of their way to prove to others that their suspicions were right all along, that no one likes them—a situation which may not be true, but may be due to their own fears and the fact that no one can feel at ease with them. They make Eeyore look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Exercise 11-c

Write down four I SERVE statements referring to your emanation, Mark items that indicate successful service with S+”; Mark items that indicate unsuccessful service “S-”.


System Health

To increase the health of one's System of Emanation, one must keep one's vibrational frequency as high as possible. That is done through meditation. Proper diet, rest, and exercise help as well.

How can you tell what your frequency is? It's easy: The higher it is, the more successful you are the better is your understanding; the lower, the less understanding you will have.

One of the best methods of assisting the System of Emanation is to do the breathing Technique of Emanation, the Hands-On and the Healing Technique you learn in this workshop. When you are ready to look into that, click the Next button below.