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How to use an ONA session to release blocked energy.

Please note that none of these techniques obviates the need for conventional medical care. By the time an issue has manifested in the physical body, it usually becomes a real illness that needs to be cured by conventional means. These techniques are intended to be used

  • In addition to first aid, to ease pain and bring comfort while awaiting conventional medical attention

  • After or during conventional treatment, to help resolve the underlying issue, thus permitting faster and more complete physical recovery

The ONA Session

Blocked energy

During an ONA session, pay attention to any blocked areas of energy at a particular position or within any particular Field, Inner Aspect or System. You can dialogue with these areas to ascertain their purpose. Then you can utilize the combination of the first eight Systems' sounds. Use any of your ONA Breathing Techniques to enhance and direct the sounds. You can add those techniques, sounds and hands-on from later ONA Workshops when you have learned them.

Notice any emotions that arise while working with a block. You can dialogue with the emotion from a neutral point of view outside of the emotion. You and/or your client are the observers of the emotion. Notice if there are any accompanying colors, along with the color naturally present at that area. If so, ask to purify the color, dialoguing with it to see its purpose. Ask if this color applies to a particular Field, Inner Aspect or System.

Use the key words of the Field, Inner Aspect or System or its System number in order to support your conversation with it, i.e. System One, Two, Three…or Foundation, Acknowledgement, Connection etc. when you are referring to the Systems. When referring to the Fields and Inner Aspects utilize the phrases that describe them, such as The Physical Body Field or Inner Aspect, The Emotional Field or Inner Aspect, The Mind Field or Inner Aspect.

Calling the Fields and Inner Aspect by number, i.e. Fields One, Two, Three…or Inner Aspect One, Two, Three etc. assists in the focus of that area. Remember Fields and Inner Aspect reflect each other so either one will do to reflect to you its condition and its counterpart. In this way you can ask for information concerning Field Five and know that this information is pertinent to Inner Aspect Five.


While using one of the Breathing Techniques you can address each Field, Inner Aspect or System, for information, feedback or perceptions of which areas need attention. If a color appears within any of these areas you are focused in on, visualize, dialogue, and breathe through this different color with the appropriate sound. Then ask if you can add the appropriate color of that area. All of this is done with a neutral point of view and for the highest good of all.

Learn to use all of our tools and what you have learned. Granted some people will favor something such as a certain breathing technique over others. Do not try to shortcut, which is like bleeding someone to heal them! If the session is going on too long get to a very flat point and resume as soon as possible finishing all that needs to be addressed.

Giving Yourself A Session


Pay attention to how you feel or sense what is occurring with you. Keep a journal and use it to see your progress. Check out your Systems, Fields and Inner Aspects and the colors and use your sounds. Note any changes. Doing a short session on the morning is a very good way to start your day. Relaxing with a short session right before you go to sleep can really help you sleep more soundly. Set an intention for your session. Make sure you achieve your goals, so make sure they are achievable in the time you have set for your session. Always end the session on an up feeling or smile! As you have learned wash your hands prior to working on yourself.

Giving Another Person A Session

Check in the beginning if it is OK for you to work with them. It is like the effects noted on people who walk into a room when blood pressure is being taken. On some sub-conscious level a person may have an effect on the person unknown to both. Never take that personally!

Session on another

It is about energy and healing. When unconscious resistance occurs between two people, energy starts to build and it makes it harder to get things handled. That is why many times it is difficult for family and friends to work on one another until they have handled enough of their own stuff. Respect the wishes of the other person. Work with someone else. Don't write them off; check back from time to time and see if it is OK later.

Work with as many different people as possible. This gives you depth of knowledge and understanding through first-hand experience. Always, always wash your hands right before the session. Never talk about people you have worked on without their permission. (And even then it is not a good idea to make it a dramatic or funny story. Just the facts and what you experienced will always be the best way to go.)

In a professional setting you can refer to session anonymously as a 35 year old female or a 40 year old man or this guy I was working on. Withhold names. Do not talk to relatives or friends of those you work with about your client. All the information you will ever need to know or work with is right under your hands when you are working. Mom's childhood stories about Missy or dad's funny recollections about young Johnny are not going to handle anything or help you in any (and I mean any) way!

Sessions can be as private or as public as you the person having the session desires. Make your wishes known. In the practitioners view assume it is the most sacred of knowledge you are about to encounter and hold that information as inviolate.

Group ONA Sessions

What is a Group ONA Session?

Group ONA Session

This can be done one-to-one using a chair or table or mat on the floor with several practitioners working in the same space or several practitioners working on one person. The idea of this kind of session is to allow for feedback and rotation where the practitioners rotate between being a practitioner and the subject of the session. This mostly occurs with upper level trained practitioners yet can include any practitioner trained through ONA Workshop Two. In the case of multiply level training practitioners working together, it is in everyone's best interest to share basics of how you felt during your session and only practice and share those ONA Hands-On and Techniques you would share with the least trained individual in the group. Follow the same guide lines as above for the section; Giving Another Person A Session.

It is really good for ONA Groups to share and practice with those trained to the ONA Workshop levels you are trained to. Thus you could offer ONA Group sessions for all ONA Practitioners trained to Workshop Seven and so on. If you only have mixed trained individuals in your area work with all those trained so everyone is included. There is nothing holding anyone to any set rule regarding who is in your group or not. People will have issues or be less or more drawn to work with those people they have a connection with. When forming an ONA Group contact the ONA Foundation so you can receive any support that can be offered. Allow them to either promote your group or at the very least if you decide to have only certain people or a set number of people in your group let the ONA Foundation know this so they can respect your wishes.

Group work can be very healing and rewarding. It is a chance to feel connected and supported in what you are doing either for yourself, friends and family or with clients. If you encounter things you have questions about there will always be someone either in your group or the ONA Foundation that can assist you or refer you to information. We Honor and respect people to having more joy, love and acceptance in their lives and invite and promote experiences of growth and expansion. Group ONA sessions and ONA Groups can afford this sense of personal connection and a sense of family and people of like minds working toward common goals.