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How to practice the Transformational Techniques.

Transformational Techniques

Manifesting Transformation

Manifesting Transformation


Doubt is one of the biggest energy grabbers on this planet. It causes us to not have confidence in our own abilities. How often do you catch yourself saying the words “I'm not sure” or, the personal favorite of many, “I don't know.” This way of affirming uncertainty structures your life.

The way through this is to begin claiming your certainty. Begin finding what you do know for sure and begin to make those statements. Eventually you will find your thought, emotions and your entire life changing before your very eyes. You will see the illusions of doubt begin to slip away. Transform your emphasis from what you are doubtful of to what you do know is so.

This is not to say that you can't realize that there are things in this world that you could know more about. You then have the opportunity to say, "I do not choose to become further acquainted with that at this time." Avoid saying, “I never want to know about that” or “You can't know everything.” The fact is, you have the potential to know all that is. In this life, you make choices to place your attention on those things, subjects or people that are best suited for your skills, talents and passions—and the experiences you came here to have.

Suppose it comes up that Jean is a great auto mechanic and you are not. Own the truth of what is for you. You can say, “I have not chosen that path of knowledge.” Avoid self-deprecating statements such as “I am the worst auto mechanic in the world.” Claiming the truth is much more liberating. Placing a negative spin on things either for yourself or others depletes you and them of energy. So this is how we begin to restructure our lives and own the truth of who we really are. This is the beginning of the transformation process.

Become informed as best you care to be about new subjects that hold your interest or curiosity. Don't bother to study things in which you have no interest, no matter who else tells you you should. If there's no joy in it, it is not part of your path in this lifetime.


You can access any information that you have not yet learned or remembered, through intending it to be known to you. This is the process of tuning into it as you would a radio. Although it can be used to take tests for which you haven't studied, the best use of this technique is to remember the significance of a person, place or thing from the past, present or future. This can be done by examining your body through dialoging with each of its parts, or by dialoguing with your Fields, Inner Aspects, Systems, Centers and Vortexes. You want to learn to dialog with the parts to understand the whole picture. Dialog with each part in the following way:

  1. First, tune into the part by silently asking for any significant information to present itself to you. Take whatever shows up, make note of it. Don't try and interpret it, just observe it.

  2. Next, use the information gathered by finding the common theme throughout all of the pieces that you have been examining. What is the purpose of this information and its presentation?

  3. Your part may communicate with you in the form of impressions, words, feelings, colors, or other perceptions. Ask what this part wants to express to you. Use the result to ask further questions that may help to pinpoint your communication.

  4. When a part is communicating to you, be aware if there are neighboring points within the same System that have something to dialog about as well. These points may be in your Fields or Inner Aspects. Ask them to share information with you.

  5. From your Twelfth System, ask if any other Systems or part of you wishes to share information or insights that might aid the part that you are addressing.

DNA Restructuring

All life on Earth reproduces by means of a molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. This complex molecule can make duplicates of itself, making life-as-we-know-it possible. All possible patterns of Earth life are contained within the potential forms of this molecule.

When the beings of Nibiru came to Earth some 700,000 years ago, they took some of their own genetic material and added it to the genome of homo erectus, forming our own species to function as their servants. To do so, they had to “flatten out” their twelve-stranded DNA. This flattening produced sections of so-called “junk DNA” which serves no purpose now, but would if the DNA were re-folded into its twelve original dimensions.

Since other Earth species also contain junk DNA in their genomes (though not as much as Homo Sapiens), it is possible there were other, earlier, genetic manipulation, as well.

The additional information in our DNA is our heritage; it is our right to decode and make use of it. Thus the memory of the original DNA matrix is just beginning to reform itself. The greater the conscious connection the more accurate and greater the ability to reconnect the twelve stands. What does ONA have to do with this process? These connecting points have a vibration of connection, a resonance between the connecting parts. The sounds of ONA assist in this alignment for they are the resonant patterns of the matrix. These sounds invite the reconnection of the original matrix. Utilizing the sounds of ONA helps to reconstruct and restore form, thought and simultaneous reality of all twelve stands of DNA.

The next time you chant the sounds of ONA begin to see this new emergence of your DNA. Begin to see the coming together of what was. Your conscious awareness, increasing day by day, is the result of your new 12-strand matrix of DNA having its effect on your cells. This is transformation as well—and it's already well under way!

From the Sept 2012 publication, Quantum Changes, recently scientists have stated that "We are our DNA and we decide when and what we need or want to change and all changes must happen at an energetic level first." They further state, "Energetic DNA is responsive to information it receives on multiple levels and can be affected for instance by a significant event, our thoughts or emotions." This places DNA in a mutable band of information and instructions that can mutate and change according to what it is directed to change for or to. You have the ability to transform your own DNA.

Intentional Transformation

On occasion, you may experience a condition you do not find pleasant. That is contraction, a corrective transformation. You can speed the process by identifying the experiential (expansive) transformations you would prefer to experience and, with intention, manifest them.

This is done by finding the image you want and promoting it through every Field, Inner Aspect, and System through the use of statements.

For example, if you wish to experience wealth, work with the following list of statements:

  • I AM wealthy.

  • I HAVE wealth.

  • I FEEL wealthy.

  • I THINK in terms of wealth.

  • I WILL wealth into my life.

  • I KNOW wealth.

  • I RELATE to others as a wealthy person.

  • I SEE myself as wealthy.

  • I PERCEIVE great wealth all around me.

  • I AGREE to be wealthy.

  • I SERVE with wealth.

  • I ACCEPT wealth into every aspect of my being.

Transforming Viewpoints

You can use your Principle Statements from these workshops (I AM, I FEEL, etc.) to identify areas to transform. Gather together all the statements you've made, and consider the negative statements as clues to an underlying area of contraction that you can address. When you understand the underlying issue, you can create positive declarations of change.

For example:

Suppose you had made the statement, “I AM tired all the time,” properly marked as a negative Physical Field statement. You may also find you've made statements such as, “I HAVE no energy,” “I THINK my spouse is taking advantage of me,” and “I KNOW I have too much to do.” Not all negative statements necessarily refer to the same correction; however, in this case, these can be seen as indicative that you might be using illness and tiredness as a way of protesting a spouse who isn't carrying his or her share of the load. Further examination might reveal a pattern, learned from childhood—perhaps from a parent—that one partner gets energy from the relationship by making unreasonable demands, while the other gets his or her share of the energy by becoming a victim to illness.

So, the real issue is a feeling of not receiving enough energy—love—from one's partner. Since that, in itself, suggests a lack of self-esteem, that is the real issue and so a set of statements can be constructed to promote the transformation into a place of healthy self-esteem.

Having identified a lack of self-esteem as the primary problem and a transformation into a place of healthy self-esteem as the solution, you might design the following statements:

  • I AM a terrific person.

  • I HAVE great self-esteem.

  • I FEEL good about myself.

  • I THINK in ways that support me.

  • I WILL only things that are in my enlightened self-interest.

  • I KNOW what is good for me is also good for others.

  • I RELATE to others as a healthy, well-adjusted person.

  • I SEE myself as happy and well-liked.

  • I PERCEIVE great love all around me.

  • I AGREE to accept my great worth and valuable place in society.

  • I SERVE others with my good example.

  • I ACCEPT myself into the world and the world is a better place for that.

Use these statements as affirmations; chant them while doing hand positions on yourself; tape them and play them back during meditation. As you flood yourself with these positive statements, you support your own transformation into a happier being.

Meditation for Transformation

How to Meditate

Meditation is a ritual. Rituals are designed to take you out of the context of your usual routines, so that the destructive, habitual patterns are bypassed. Ritual itself can become a habit; but, if done properly, the habits that develop should be supportive rather than destructive.

The preparation for meditation can be a ritual in itself. The habits developed in this "pre-ritual ritual" can calm the mind and heart and make entry into the meditative state easier and more efficient.

When you are preparing to meditate, we recommend the following:

  1. Remove decorative jewelry and timepieces (you may retain any jewelry you sleep with).

  2. Turn off cell phones and pagers. Silence the ringer on a conventional phone. It's almost impossible to meditate when you know you can be interrupted at any moment.

  3. Similarly, make sure others in your household know you are not to be disturbed for the time you've allocated for your meditation. (One way to do this is to choose a time when others are asleep: late at night, or very early in the morning.)

  4. Remove your shoes, and loosen any tight-fitting articles of clothing.

  5. Close your eyes.

Guided Meditation

It is best if you hear a guided meditation, as reading with one's eyes closed is difficult at best. We suggest you use a trusted guide to read the following aloud, or read it yourself into a tape recorder and play it back during your meditation. Be sure and read slowly enough to allow the meditation to take about 20 minutes.

  • We are going on a journey of you. In this, you want to begin to experience yourself to the fullest measure. You are looking for all the parts of you and how they interact to create the ALL that is you.

  • While you are seated, recognize your baggage that is not you. Let it go.

  • You are ALL. There are no individual parts: no arms, hands, fingers; no legs, feet, and toes; no head, senses, thoughts. You are without physicality. You are in a place where there is no time, space or movement.

  • In this nothingness, an impulse comes forth from seemingly nowhere. How do you, as the ALL, notice it? What means were created by you, the ALL, to explore this impulse? Did you create vibrations? Did you create different senses? Did you create colors or imagery? What is this impulse? What did it tell you?

  • You, as the ALL, feel you want to explore further, through movement in form. Create one physical body part to explore with. Name this. The ALL, as you, directs and moves this part to move and explore. Who are you as this part and in relation to the ALL that you are? Where are you? How are you identifying things around you and what are you sensing? Why did you choose this part to explore with?

  • Continue your exploration by “creating” another part. Use both parts to explore. Who are you as each of these parts describes you and then defines their own relationship to the ALL that you are? Where are you? How are you identifying things around you? Why did you choose this other part to explore with?

  • Create your own time and space through movement. Stay within a three-foot diameter around this creation. Create a form to move with in this circle. Create your own time and space as this whole unit of creation. Move slowly and consciously. Be aware of color, taste, smell, sound and inner vision, Use every part to know the ALL of who you are.

  • As you complete this meditation, bring with you into the world the feeling of transformation. See the possibilities in the things around you, and within yourself. Bring with you the understanding that ALL is ONE, and therefore all possibilities are available to all things.